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2011 Georgia USSSA Tournament Schedule has been released Best of the South Joint Effort To Provide The Best Tournament Experience In The State Powerade Hoop Series Launches in Georgia

Getting Started

The USSSA Difference

USSSA Exists to Support its member teams - Not Vice Versa

Rules & Policies are established by a state steering committee with representatives from different clubs across the state

All Events are sanctioned, seeded and scheduled by the state office to ensure quality, fairness and consistency

Member clubs are encouraged to run their own events (and actually keep the majority of the proceeds) as well as support other USSSA events - putting money back into member clubs
Top Reasons to Play USSSA

1. State, Regional & National Tournament series attracting the best teams from around the US

2. Most cost effective option of all major tournament series

3. Industry leading web platform. Registration, results and team rankings automated and centrally located on the USSSA national web-site

More on USSSA

USSSA sanctions more NCAA certified events than any other tournament organization, including AAU

USSSA events you might know:

  • King James
  • Real Deal on the Hill
  • Spiece Run-n-Slam
  • Big Shots Myrtle Beach

USSSA Participants

  • 150,000 basketball
  • 3.1million across all sports